Monday, 8 November 2010

Handbags for Magpie Market

 To continue my line of similar materials and colours, I began last week to attempt ten handbags in a week. Then I realised I had only the material for five. Also I had a job for five days, so unfortunately I utterly failed in that respect.

But I am unemployed again! So here is what I managed to achieve up to Sunday night. 

The hardest part of this I always find is matching up the materials, I tend to lie them all out and just stare at them for a while feeling a little lost. After about ten minutes I came up with the groupings above. The colours don't stand out quite as well in these photos but you get the general idea.

I then cut out the materials to exactly the same shape as each piece. I find that no matter how accurate I try to be I always find my pieces are each a little different.

And after some sewing, and swapping of threads etc, this is the finished product! I haven't done the straps as of yet, that's a job for today. I will post again when they are finished.

Monday, 1 November 2010

October Crafts Complete!

I have now finished all the brooches necessary for my stall in two weeks. I chose these colours and fabrics with winter in mind. 

I have decided to try and keep these colours and fabrics as a range through my entire line. I am now going to make some handbags for the magpie makers market in similar colours, and with the textures in mind. I need to create some ideas for applique, embroidery or simple decoration for these bags, and perhaps to carry through to a range of cushions.
Here are some pictures of historic embroidery techniques I found in my Great Aunts embroidery book:

I'm trying to narrow down my ideas, and augment them. But so far I like the floral mortifs over others. I have previously used the trees as an embroidery, and it was very effectoive. I will put in some photos soon of my decisions on the embroidery.

This is the eventual decoration of my summer stall, and I think it needs quite a bit of work. Much more levels, plus the space for all of the brooches I have now made. If anyone has any ideas for improvements please don't hesitate to let me know.


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