About Me

My name is Deborah, and I am a contestant on Series Three of the Sewing Bee.

I am originally from Blackburn, Lancashire and currently live in Manchester with my husband and our cat J'Accuse.

I love to teach, and hope to develop this aspect of my life more and more in the future. If you'd like to get in touch, or follow my ramblings, please use the links below:

Email: dfabricater@gmail.com
Twitter: @dfabricate
Instagram: @dfabricater
Pinterest: Deborah Simms

I do a large variety of different crafts, to satiate my flitting brain. These include (to name but a few):
Fabric Flowers
Furniture re-styling
Home furnishings

I'm probably missing a couple, so as I add to the blog... I'll add to the list!

I am hoping to use this blog as a space to share with you my projects as I go along. I will be including all failures along with successes, as well as info on how to make your own. I want to show my process when I'm making, from inspiration to making things (and forcing myself to make things properly, and not rush through them).

I'll share with you all of my crafty socialising, and hopefully we can inspire each other along the way.

I hope you'll enjoy having a nosey at some of my projects, and that you'll let me know about some projects of your own. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. Any chance you will be doing teaching patchwork classes any time? ( loved you in the sewing bee by the way , the kilt was fabulous!!)

  2. This wasn't on the plan, however there are some dates for workshops I have booked in the next couple of months, I shall keep you informed! Deb x

  3. Brilliant!!! I'll do any workshops going lol



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