Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sewing at speed, Me and the Great British Sewing Bee

Soo... have any of you seen the teaser trailer for the new series of the Great British Sewing Bee? Anyone beady eyed enough to spot a familiar face?

Look, it's me! Making a strange grunting noise and attempting to sew at a million miles per hour. I was so high on adrenaline throughout the entirety that I fully expect any time I'm on screen to be basically a series of incoherent grunts and giggles, TV gold!

Eep! This has been a long time in the making, I originally filmed the Great British Sewing Bee right after the last show aired in 2014. So it must have been April? I've been sitting on my hands waiting to tell you all for so long, trying to keep friends and family from telling the world whilst simultaneously wanting to jump up and down and have a dance about it.

The recruiting was a completely whirlwind affair with trips up and down to London. But I have to say it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I have made best friends for life. We talk basically every day, about work, sewing, knitting, family, and of course our nerves about the show airing.

I can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and watch my friends sew and chat, and panic. It's going to be a blast! I hope you'll join me in a blow by blow on twitter, at #GBSB, I'm @DFabricate,

I'll try and post some periodical blogs about what's happened in that weeks episode, but I will also be spending a lot of time jumping up and down whilst trying to work my full time job. Please bear with me.

For any of you who don't yet know, there will be  a catch up episode for the Class of 2014 on Wednesday, 8pm, BBC2. I for one can't wait to see what everyone in the last series has been up to.

Series 3 will begin on Thursday 5th February, 8pm BBC2. See you then!! *Aaaaarrrrggghhhh*

Saturday, 17 January 2015

January Blues

I always assume that January will be a quiet month, one where no one will want to go out because no one has any money. I'm always wrong, ha ha. I've been out for dinner, am planning a trip down to London mid-month, three leavings dos, and I couldn't make it to a murder mystery evening due to the number of invitations bandying about! So naturally I have been grumbling about my fabulous social life instead of just getting on with it. Sometimes I pine for the days where my one social outing a week was the craft club in Edinburgh, and then I remember that no social life is no fun at all and I get on with it. How has everyone else's week been? Do you moan about having 'too much' to do?

I've been wearing my comfiest clothes in this super cold weather, trying to stay warm and not moving much from the brand new sofa where I can. This outfit is a comfy weekend/ evening favourite, another 2014 make, I'm catching up promise! The top is based on the Coco pattern. You may remember I attempted a dress from this, and though the comfiest dress ever, I didn't feel pulled together enough for day to day wear. However, I did see potential in the pattern.

I wanted a pattern to match my favourite jumper (the black and white one in this post), so laid the coco pattern over the jumper, with a roll of pattern paper underneath. I then matched up the under arm seam, and neckline. Areas where my RTW jumper extended past the pattern, I drew onto the paper underneath. 

I then took the jumper away and matched up the Coco pattern with the new lines. I followed the Coco pattern instructions to complete, and got the following jumper! 

The material is a mystery knit from a basket at Abakhan, with a lovely stripe of gold for a bit of glam. I've still got loads left, maybe I'll attempt a cardigan too? The skirt is an unblogged New Look 6128, very straightforward, navy cord skirt, nae fuss. this is a workhorse outfit. I've been trying to work at filling gaps in my wardrobe, and this certainly ticks all the boxes on that. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back to Work... Back to Reality

Guys! Whose sad to be back at work? For some reason the holidays felt like they lasted for so long, so it was especially difficult to push myself off the sofa and back into the big world. Though in actuality the return wasn't half as hard as I thought it would be, shiny new job carried me through. Here's me looking swish in my working clothes, 'cause I'm a workin' ladayyy, though to be fair most days I have a very thick jumper on these days because the office is freezing.

I managed to put most of my clothes away over the Christmas break, this was my main goal, as well as ya know, eating my own body weight in cheese etc. Is that bad? The wardrobe was basically empty and every surface was covered in clothes. Sometimes I'm lazy, what can you do? Well, I suppose I could be less lazy but that's not happening any time soon so goals over the holidays will usually include getting back on track with the tidying.

This skirt is an A-line self drafted black jacquard work/ going out skirt. This is another attempt to de-orphan some of the clothes in my wardrobe, and have something a little smarter to wear in the office.

I have yet to perfect the high waist skirt waistband however, and this one again came out a little big. every skirt will get better and better though so by 2018 I'm sure I'll have a skirt that fits right off the bat. We also emptied our downstairs cupboard of all the charity/ tip stuff we've had in there for over a year (can you believe that?!). It's just so hard to get rid of stuff when you don't have a car. Which reminds me, I will definitely learn to drive this year, third time is the charm! Has to be, can't be doing with this goal not having been achieved yet after all this time. Ridiculous!

... And we bought a sofa! See? We weren't lazy at all, naysayers the lot of you. I'm so excited about sofa, it's the first time we've bought ourselves such a large piece of furniture, and the first time we've owned our own sofa having struggled with second handers, hand me downs, and 'furnished' house monstrosities since we both left home for uni. I'm excited about having a seat that doesn't slope, or hurt my back/ posterior. Good luck with the end of your week, if you're anything like me you're probably lagging a bit by this point. You can do it guys, so close to the weekend.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hits and Misses 2014

Happy New Year guys! I hope your New Years was fantastic, and your holidays as Christmassy as you should wish. I was very lucky again this year and was thoroughly spoilt as usual. Plus there was karaoke-ing with my family (quickly becoming tradition), loads of food... plus I bought my own christmas food shop so we could indulge once we got back home, all in all it's been a really lovely time, and just the break I needed. Though I have had a cold for a while which is a bummer, hopefully it will get lost soon so I can get back to normal brain.

2014 was a fantastic year, first year of marriage, new job, friends, book clubs, party times, I have a lot to be thankful for. It was a great year for sewing too! I made 14 items in all, not counting some items yet to be blogged, I guess I'll add those to next years review. Here are my top 5!

Number one of course is my shiny new purple raincoat, I mean, I did make it completely out of season, but I'm so proud of it, and that means it will be ready to go for spring which is when I'll want it, instead of starting in Spring and not having it ready in time for the season. 

Most of these outfits appear to have a similar silhouette, capped sleeve, in at the waist, one with a straight skirt, but the rest with a more a-line/ floaty shape. I don't want to change this in the new year really, I want to continue to make things that will reclaim the orphans in my wardrobe, and keep making things in exciting fabrics. One thing I haven't done more of is embroidery on clothes, but I haven't done that many plain items so there wasn't much opportunity for it. 

I could only think of two misses really, most of my makes have done really well this year, fitting well into my wardrobe. Planning has played a big role in my makes this year, I'll save that for another post though. Here are the misses:

I loved this Spotty Anna, I always felt great in it, but the fabric was cheap, and it didn't last long. It is now basically grey, and is destined for the charity pile. 

I made the trousers more for the challenge of a zip fly than anything else, so I can't be surprised really that I haven't worn them much this year. I'm still very proud of them of course, and they will stay in the cupboard with pride. 

2015 is going to be an amazing year, I can't wait, and I'll keep making adventurous cake to keep me going through the year. How was your year? Any resolutions for 2015?


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