Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Dress

The time has come to discuss the wedding dress

This was definitely the most elaborate sewing challenge of my life so far. Considering some of the disasters I do encounter every now and again (don't we all) and my last minute nature, I'm not really sure why I took this challenge on, but I have to say it definitely made my wedding. Knowing I made my dress made it so special, plus it gave me something to say when people said they liked it 'thanks! I made it' cue giant grin and super non-modest pride.

When I got engaged I was completely taken by surprise, I had thought a little about a wedding of course, but not in any practical way.

I didn't really know where to begin so I sketched out some things, tried to see what I would look like in some of the styles I spotted in magazines etc. I drew my body from images on the internet on the screen. It was very useful to have an exact version of myself to sketch out, and from there I could see what would work and what wouldn't. I decided on a basic base dress with completely separate lace overlay. I talked to a few people about the lace and the general consensus was that in a full length dress it would get very heavy and stretch out. I thought I could combat this by separating the dresses entirely. 

I based the bodice of the blue underlayer dress on Butterick B5322. I was meticulous about measuring the pieces, and the final measurements against my measurements. However this is a big three pattern so it was still massive. I attached my circle skirt (based on Gertie's book instructions), and took the whole thing to Derry over Easter where Mr T's auntie helped me to take it in. She makes amazing wedding dresses so I knew I was in safe hands. 

You can see from these pictures how much I had to take off the pattern, it was basically completely reformed once I had taken out all of the necessary material. I was very proud of myself once I got this to fit, I transferred the curves of the pattern, whilst shaping it to myself, moving curves from the back piece to the side to make zip insertion simpler, I was (and am) super proud. See my super proud face:

I think that's probably enough wedding dress chat for now, next time I'l chat about the lace overlay, and then accessories! Hope you've had a great weekend, I got a new desk as a wedding present which has taken residence in the sewing room so I'll be giving that a trial run. 

In other news, I won the pattern pyramid! I am so excited about being part of something like this, and it's the first blog giveaway I've ever won. So be sure to keep checking in to join in once I receive the packet. So excited!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Post Wedding Post Honeymoon Post

I'm back! Whoop!

The wedding was awesome! (Just thought I'd get that in early)

We had an amazing day, all went well, only major issue was that the wedding ring I ordered from Etsy disappeared (no name and shame as I feel bad for the poor woman, though she does owe me my money). I had about six weeks before the wedding when I realised I hadn't bought a wedding ring! It's the little things you forget about you know ;-)

So I looked around, found a bunch of ugly modern rings. Apologies to those who like gold and silver combination rings with tiny inset diamonds. But it very much aint my bag! I was getting desparate when I found one on etsy, a victorian reproduction ring wth deep engraving of a floral design. I ordered happily (in the car on the way to family hen do) and paid extra for it to be sent super fast. Unfortunately, the seller put the wrong address on the ring and sent it to another address in California! (imagine me at work with mouth wide open and doing the silent panic).

It eventually arrived back at the seller who then sent it again super fast (out of her own pocket). I watched the tracker with baited breath... it made it to England yay! It made it to customs boo! (cue £50 release fee) It made it to Manchester yay! it...... never arrived! It was tracked down to a conveyor belt in the Parcel Force system and then... dropped off the face of the planet. Arg!

It was now four days to the wedding, I am contemplating wearing something 'borrowed'. But I thought, there's a lovely antique jewellers in Blackburn (home town) ill go there the day before the wedding and see what I see... ya never know! Lovely antique jewellers was shut, boo! Popped in to some more modern jewellers shops (cue more boring rings at astronomical prices).

We were giving up, we were on our way out of Blackburn, time to tidy the house for all of those 'completely natural this is how my house always looks morning pictures', when we decided to go in one last shop. I described what I was looking for and the lady brought out a box of rings, and then another, and then another! They were my saviours, and this is my beautiful ring:

I've got quite a few wedding-related posts to do, including the much talked about wedding dress! We made so much for this wedding, it was bonkers! But all totally worth it, had an amazing day, and honeymoon, how have you all been?

Mrs Deborah :-)


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