Friday, 20 February 2015

Great British Sewing Bee Ep 3: Flibberty Gibbets

Last night was my favourite episode so far, I know I didn't exactly shine in the first two challenges... :-S but honestly, I found the whole experience of the Bee so flipping fun it didn't bother me in the slightest ha ha.

I loved working with the old fashioned machine, though the button on the pedal is teeny tiny! I wish I could have taken off my shoes as I felt I was always slipping off the button which slowed me down. What I found odd was that it refused to go through the layers of binding + dense cotton. Now I've heard lots of claims that these machines will sew through anything, so I reckon in hindsight I had the wrong kind of needle for the types of material.

The machine would just stop occasionally, which as you can imagine would not have helped me achieve eating those tiny sandwiches in my new dress for lunchtime. All props to any woman who managed to make this dress well and go out for a mid-day cocktail, probably whilst doing the washing, baking a cake, and with a baby on one hip.

'Hey Ryan, How ya doin?' 
'Just poppin some buttons on,' 
'Just poppin some buttons on! Good, excellent' *Cries inside*

I love the walk-away dress, and I'm so glad there is now a version for real bodies available in the new Great British Sewing Bee book. I've heard some terrible tales of fitting this dress, but I know that CL will have pulled a blinder with the drafting. I cant wait to get my hands on the book! There are some challenges I cant wait to have another go at, I promise I'll let you know how I fair with a little bit more time on my hands. Though I'm tempted to challenge myself to try and complete in the time... is that madness? Yes, Debbie, yes it is madness.

Who else wants to see Barbara, Pat and Jean do a Sewing Bee Challenge? They would wipe the floor with the lot of us I'm pretty sure. The collective sewing knowledge in that room is enough to make your eyes bleed with jealousy.

Also, I want to live in Lorna's house, why are all her house plants alive?! Why don't they all look brown, broken and murdered like mine? I mean look at that lampshade for heavens sake, how does one manage to have a glamorous lampshade? By being Lorna that's how, I'm going to steal into Lorna's suitcase so she can take me cruising, her life is the best.

On a final note.... Oh! Flibberty Gibbets!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Episode Two: Peacock-off, Waiscoat-gate and trip to the Copacabana

Well, another fantastic episode of GBSB! Kids week was hilarious, not only the mad panic of the waistcoat challenge, but also the madness that is having nine hyper-active adults paired with 9 hyper-active kids... and fancy dress put in the mix! Me and Neela had a blast trying on her green wig:

Lets start with first things first though shall we? A tailored waistcoat?! For a child? Mr. T believes that all waistcoats should be banned on kids as they make them look like tiny snooker players. Then again if your child is a tiny snooker player then maybe this challenge was for you? This was a bit of a nightmare for me, I was flummoxed by the pages and pages of instructions, and being up against the clock (and yes... being distracted by chatting) made it even more difficult. But I got there in the end, though perhaps not quite to the desired standard.

This is my terrified face. It says, why would you bother putting a welt pocket in a waistcoat? Do you have a tiny pocket watch to keep safe?!

One button is better than three though right? I mean, gives a bit more room for party rings at lunchtime. I'm not really into kids clothes, but I did very much enjoy making my tiny bolero, and looking at everyone's amazing seemingly Copacabana themed re-fashions. Must have been all that yellow, made everyone think of holidays on the beach.

The third challenge was my favourite of the lot, it was a brilliant day, and I was a proud member of #teampeacock.  How we all came up with making birds completely separately to each other I have no idea! I didn't look too happy about it though did I?

You're making WHAT Matt?! Ha ha ha... reminds me of a certain squirrel...

I was so sorry to see Alex go, we motivated each other through the waistcoat challenge, I think we both felt like throwing in the towel once or twice. I'm so glad that the show portrayed her as she truly is, a fastidious sewer who believes in perfection in all things. What you didn't get much of a chance to see were her strong beliefs in sustainability. She has taught me a lot through her knowledge, if you want to learn more, check out her awesome blog:  

And a final note.... Go Team Peacock!

Friday, 6 February 2015

GBSB Episode One: Pigs, Parks and Grimacing

Sooo did you watch the Bee last night? It was very strange seeing myself on the telly. I watched it with my Nanna and Grangy, Grandma and Grandad, my parents and the in-laws. It was really nice! I'd had an absolutely manic day at work with a huge event that I'd organised, so was shattered, and filled with nervous energy (and mum-made Chilli). I loved watching the show, and seeing what the other sewers were up to, I tended to speak to those people closest to me when in challenge mode as I was much too frantic to 'work the room'. I'm probably going to have to watch it again though as I was far too busy giving everyone the inside scoop than watching the show.

Love Claudia's eye make-up fringe combo - I reckon she'd rock the Cleopatra look

I was wondering how my accent would sound on the TV, but it turns out I had my 'phone voice' on so instead of sounding like my Nan, I sounded like I was auditioning to be a 1950s air hostess.

Me and Terence 'casually' walking around a Levenshulme park, as ya do.... apparently dressed entirely in blue that day.

I loved seeing everyone's back stories! I feel like this is different from last years series, didn't they concentrate on one person per episode last year? I like this way better though, as we get a little bit of an insight into my pals as we go along.

I was so sad to see Annie go! I didn't even notice her taking a lie down on the day! But I know exactly how she felt, I wanted a lie down myself. She was really fun, and we didn't have nearly enough time to get to know her.   However, we've had plenty of time to catch up, and I can safely say Annie is an absolute winner in my book.

I had to include this, what a cracking grimace! I don't think she thought I'd finish those trousers did she?

Lots of you have asked me about the pattern and fabric that I used on the show. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to divulge brands due to it being a BBC show, apologies. However, previous readers of the blog may have seen something similar, and I know that lots of people/ websites have tracked down the fabric used. Check out #GBSB on twitter for some hints and tips.

I'll be tweeting and chatting throughout the show again next week, I hope I'll see you there. Thank you again to everyone for your support and dress love! You've all been amazing :-)



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