Friday, 25 July 2014

Sister feathers dress

As part of my continuing challenge myself to do things plan I've been making clothes for other people. I want to learn all the neat tricks for fitting, as well as getting myself out of my comfort zone of clothes for me. I have specific tastes in clothes, and though that's awesome for me it means I don't get much opportunity to make things that are a bit different. 

My sister has a whole set of completely different clothes/ comfort zone. Check out her pinterest board to see some of her style. So for her birthday I decided that I wanted to make her something special. 

You may have seen this fabric on Charity Shop Chic recently. I also picked this up at the Minerva meet-up recently, which was a fantastic day. I love seeing how people use and interpret fabrics in completely different ways, do you know of anyone else whose used this glorious fabric? Here I have used the fabric in a single layer for a floaty soft garment. The pattern is from Lekala, a rather unusual russian website where you input the measurements and they send you a bespoke dress pattern to print off. I wouldn't use it all the time, but they had a dress that I liked (sans collar) so gave it a go. The instructions were pretty hilarious, basically 1. attach sleeve 2. sew together ha ha.

I won't lie it was a bit of a bugger to sew. I mean sure it slips and slides around a lot which is the usual for this sort of fabric. But unfortunately the print is almost a sort of coating, so when I used my usual thin needle, it was catching threads and pulling. With it being such a dark colour when it pulled it was really obvious with a big white line. Therefore I swapped for a thin stretch needle. Because of the ballpoint, instead of piercing the fabric it slips to the side of the threads thus limiting the number of pulls.

No pattern matching here I'm afraid. Hopefully it will fit and my sis will treat us to a pic of it in all its glory. So nerve wracking sending something off and hoping for the best. Hope you like it sis! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Refashion Skirt

Certain ones of these posts are from quite a while back, I have such a backlog of projects that I can't quite remember the ins and outs of the pieces I'm talking about :-S But the sun is shining these days so I'm getting pictures taken, which was my main issue before.

It's not like the darkness in the photos really puts me off, I'm definitely not the worlds best photographer so a little bit of light is probably not going to make a huge difference to what my skills can manage. It's just that when it's light I feel like I can achieve things, I can be bothered to get changed, and sweep the garden, and maybe even change shoes. I never can be bothered to put on make-up, but I never really wear make-up so that would be kind of weird. Though I did for my last make and enjoyed it, I guess it depends on the day.

So anyway, here is my next project! This was a refashion project, I bought the skirt in a shop in Stockbridge. It was full length and I typically didn't take a picture of it before I started. But here's a pic of the finished project!

Just to confuse you, I took these before I changed my hair. The waistband was a little small, but it used elastic so I knew I could make it bigger. I unpicked the waistband, evened it out into a rectangle rather than a triangle... not my sort of thing. I added a full lining of white muslin to give the skirt body as it is a very soft drapey fabric (not sure what it is but it's lovely).

I kept the original pleats in the skirt, and shortened the length considerably. It is now a perfect sunny day skirt for work with a shirt (like in this pic) or at the weekend with sandals. It turned out once I made all this that the waistband was a bit too big, son of a gun!! So I just stitched the back together pinching out 2cm either side at the back waistband. At some point ill replace the elastic and then it will probably fit fine. 

That's it! Signing out

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Zig Zag Cami Dress

Next stop on the list of challenges, a shirt dress! I love wearing shirt dresses, I wear them all the time and so I thought I'd give a collar a go. Plus I promised Mr T a shirt (i must be mad) so I thought I could make myself a collar on a dress without anyone scrutinising, bit of a practise.

I used the Pauline Alice Cami shirt dress. I found the pattern pretty easy to use, but I think the fit needs a little bit of work. Look at the pattern matching across the front.. what? Feeling like a winner. Also I dyed my hair again, bit of a last minute decision, went to boots and figured I needed a change. I did the double dye by tying the bottom of the hair in pig tails and dyed up to where the pony tail started. It's not the most even dye but I like it.

So yeah, the fit. I think it may be time for a full bust adjustment... dun dun duuuh. This dress stretches across the front, and there's some gaping at the side of the bust. So yeah, next time I'll give an FBA a go.

Other issues are around the shoulder/ arm area. There is a little bit of bunching at the top of the shoulder. This is only my second time setting in a sleeve though so I think I just need a little practise. However, the shoulder line should be on the edge of the shoulder and is actually a little high, so I think the pattern needs extending out a cm or so.. plus even though I measured my arm against the pattern piece it is a little tight on the arm.

So a few changes to be made to the pattern but otherwise pretty happy.

Here's the back! I put loads of pleats into the top, I like the look of these smaller pleats, and I used the whole width of the fabric for as much extra skirt as possible. Plus pockets of course, I like the inseam pockets on the pattern, they are just the right size, and have used them again in my most recent make.

The collar went really well (even if I do say so myself), though I found the instructions on the pattern a bit difficult to follow as a first timer. I went to the website and looked at the sewalong for some guidance but again... didn't really get it. I therefore looked at the archer sewalong for a bit of help (figured two -alongs are better than one) and it was so much easier to follow. I'd definitely recommend it. 

So I love this dress! I love the fabric, and the brightness and the fact that if you get too close to it you get a headache ha ha. If you're making your own clothes, whats to stop you making something you really love, especially if it's super bright. Therefore I submit this as my Oonapalooza make for July. Read more about Oonapalooza and the wonderful woman who inspired it here.

And in her honour, here's a gif of me dancing around... with much more of an attempt at modelly face, in honour of Oona.

Dancing photo d_dancing_zpsf88411f8.gif


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