Tuesday 26 October 2010

Winter Beginnings

 With Winter drawing in and lots of stalls in my new City set up, it's time for new bloggings! I have lots of time on my hands due to my newly unemployed status. So I have begun the process of starting a new line for my stalls.

With the success of my flower broaches and hair bands in the summer Manchester stall, I decided to begin there.

I chose soft cords and felts, mixed with a tiny bit of tartan. I didn't want to use too much tartan. My dad may be from Glasgow but I'm not a true Scot just yet. I made these all in a mix of autumnal/ winter colours to hopefully last through the winter. I found one of the problems with my line in August was everything was a little too summery, as everyone was looking towards the autumn. I hopefully will be prepared now for the full season.

So over the past week I made ten of my most popular flower style, as I had done previously. However, I soon realised that as one of my first problems was too little stock, I decided to upscale.

So I created a production line and have now cut out somewhere around 480 petals. Pretty intense. I'll post up some pictures when they are all made up.

I made this head to display these flowers. I papier-mâchéd a polystyrene head with cream paper with tiny white flowers. It didn't come out so well in these photos, but the cream works well with the warm colours in the flowers.

I'll post some more pictures of the finished product soon, and if any of you are creating a line for your own stall, and have any display ideas you'd like to share. Let me know!


  1. They are really beautiful flowers!

  2. Thanks! Thought I'd best get started if I'm going to fill a six foot table with them :-). Hope to see you tomorrow at Granny greens



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