Monday 23 May 2011

Employed and Nesting

Horrendously delayed post from December... photos to follow

I will admit that in the first months of my move to Edinburgh, some things have not quite gone to plan. After the fiasco of our initial move, and the displacement of all our stuff from our first flat, back to Blackburn and then the slow move of things and stuff from Darwen back up to the North, I have found it a little difficult to feel settled. This is very surprising as I am one of the worlds great nesters.

But finally, after a very successful craft marketing weekend, followed by a very successful visit from friends. Partnered with my parents upcoming visit, I feel like I'm growing into my new home. I decided to throw myself into this new feeling of comfortability by beginning some home decoration. Again my options are limited by landlord rules but within these bounds is amazing what you can achieve.

So out with the old and in with the new. I am nostalgic however, and therefore by out with the old I mean only the old colour scheme and not with the items to be framed or to adorn our frighteningly tall white walls.

I therefore decided to change only the backing paper of my original creations. Formerly backed in red to go with a whole red theme we had going in our living room in Manchester, I wanted to go in completely the opposite direction. And what with my partners excellent spotting of turquoise (or whatever colour that is) frames, it started me off on a theme.

And I ended up with this:

The black frame with the raindrop motif inside was given by one of my many admin jobs recently as they were leaving the office and no longer wanted it. With the inevitable words... 'your crafty, you can do something with that', thus always making me feel like shouting, 'Challenge Accepted' in their face and running around with glitter and glue. However, I mostly managed to hold myself back and I think the effect is fairly promising.

The frame and the two little ones from Habitat remind me of Manchester (for obvious reasons) and to comply with the new scheme I backed my fabric spaceship and stars picture with gold paper. And our postcards from Paris with Turquoise. I initially tried the patterned paper behind the postcards, but there was so much going on it hurt my eyes, so plain it was.

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