Wednesday 24 October 2012

Fix up, look sharp

I have been spending my time before I begin the arduous packing process as an opportunity to do all those sewing jobs which aren't very exciting, but are very important. Like fixing old projects, and sewing clothes that are falling apart back together, so in the next couple of days expect some more pictures of me posing (slightly awkwardly) in lots of skirts!

The first is a skirt that I had made over a year ago (if not longer) it was based on a very similar theory to the Picnic Blanket Skirt, with the original having buttons down the front, and pleats instead of gathers. I stupidly didn't take a picture before I started so unfortunately you'll have to use your imagination.

This material (which I think has some silk in) is super soft, with a floral design which is much greener at the bottom. When I bought it, I was itching to make something with it so I forged ahead without interfacing the waistband or plackets. The skirt looked great for a wee while but eventually the waistband started to crumple and the buttonholes started to stretch (mostly because I did the buttonholes vertically rather than horizontally).

Therefore I decided to do it right this time, and change the skirt to a simple dirndle skirt, to show off the swishy-ness of this material. I used my new favourite (a lapped zipper) up the side, added some more pleats to adjust for the added material not needed for the plackets and added interfacing to the waistband. You can see in the picture the lapped zipper, which worked well apart from for some reason the waistband didn't match once it was sewn in. I have adjusted for this with the button, and think I need a little more work on my lapped zipper.

Have you got any hints and tips to make a lapped zipper easily without this problem? Let me know!

Also, do you put off these renovating jobs? All those finickety jobs that need doing but aren't very exciting? Post them below, and join me in fixing up your wardrobe.


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