Sunday 24 March 2013

Spring Clearing

Hello people!

Apologies (again) for my lack of posts once more. But I promise I haven't been resting on my laurels (never sure what laurels are... and although I'm sat at a computer and could totally look it up I'm not gonna. Cos that's how I roll!

So anyway... I've been in the garden, which is nice :-) This is what's occurred over the past couple of weeks.
So now we have a very messy back yard, covered in ivy (mostly in one massive pile), and my arm has come out in this mental growing rash of some kind... but other than that I am ridiculously happy. There is sunlight in our garden! I was pretty worried about that as it's north facing. But I think it's going to be great in the summer. I've also now extended the back border into one very large square which will be great for growing veg in squares. I'll keep you updated.

The other thing I did last weekend (when doing my massive garden weekend) was build the box below for the front yard. This was great, as the front of the house is South facing, so I can use this border for all of the sun-loving plants (I'm thinking specifically tomatoes)
 I built this with my Dad, it was fun and made me feel like just because the cube I tried to make in School was such a beautiful failure, perhaps woodwork isn't the worst, as exemplified by the big grin and thumbs up below.

Me and my friend then filled it up on the Sunday, with some of the ivy from the garden, and then loads of cardboard... and then about 7 bags of soil. It's still not full, but my bank balance cannot take the hit that 10 more bags of top soil would require. Plus bandq don't deliver soil! What's that all about?

So anyway... Deborah out!

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