Sunday 19 May 2013

Storm Trooper Desert

This is our Storm Trooper blue desert, not much to explain really. We bought the cactii from a giant garden centre that has opened near my mum and dad, and I got the mini greenhouse years ago at the Gardeners World show in Birmingham. I love gardens, and gardening, and my sewing usually takes a back burner this time of year while I try and keep up with all the seeds and things that are ready at the moment.

I lined the base with a thick compost bag, filled it with compost and then placed the cactii (still in their pots) in between the compost, the cactus on the right was deadly! All I did was brush it and my whole hand was covered in tiny needles, I'm glad it's safely behind glass now. I then covered in the blue sand, and placed the all important storm trooper pride of place in his desert, he finds it very difficult to stand up.

This is now my favourite corner in the house, with the jellyfish from my previous post, curtains all hung up, and now a new lamp and lampshade which goes with the colour scheme in the room (instead of the red which Mr T was pretty attached to. More house things to come, including an in-depth look at my sewing room, the first room in the house that feels properly finished!

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