Monday 27 January 2014

Red Checker Skirt

I'm back to some proper sewing posts! Hoorah! Though if I'm honest I made this skirt last Summer so this post is a bit long in the making. I loved the process of making this skirt, and was so excited while in the process as I thought it would be gorgeous. And then I tried it on.. and though it fit very well, and I was really proud of the finish, it just didn't really suit me (not to my mind anyway). 

I think choosing to make an a-line skirt with this material was where I went wrong. 

When I was making it, the material looked all flowing and lovely, but obviously as I made a slim a-line skirt, the flowing loveliness disappeared.          

In order to make the skirt I adapted New Look 6128, using a combination of the original width of the straight skirt, and overlaying the a line version over the top to add extra fullness.

I then added a placket down the centre based on the back placket on Tilly's Mathilde blouse.

Some of you may recognise that I made Mr T his tie from this skirt material. On the bodice you can see how I wanted it to look, and below is how it looks on me. Not quite right, it catches on my hip and then kicks out, not a great look.
I know how to fix it though. I think I'm going to add a panel in the sides of the skirt in the shape of a trapeze between the side seams, add another couple of pleats, hopefully that will give it back that flowing loveliness like on Betsy!

Don't forget to join my pattern pyramid competition. Time is running out! 


  1. Hope you do get to fix this, as it looks like a fun fabric mixed with a great pattern!

  2. Thanks very much Nessa! I'll keep you posted on my progress. Hopefully once I start it should all fall into place :-)

  3. Love this fabric! Hope you manage to fix it to the way you want it. The tie is great too - off to read about that now :)

  4. Hope you get to fix this the way you want, as the fabric is just lovely. Off to read about the tie now :)

  5. Thanks guys! I'm sure I'll get it right soon. Though I've been distracted by new and shiny things so maybe not as soon as I'd hoped ha ha



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