Monday 16 March 2015

Ep 6: The Final... The End... The Big Cahuna etc etc

Wow! What a final, it was so nice to be a little bit out of the action this week, to sit back and enjoy the show rather than thinking about what happened to me, and what bits and pieces make up the show.

First off, can I just say, this picture warms the cockles of my heart, we helped each other out so much through the show, but to be in the final in a super stressful situation and yet to give up the time to help out your fellow finalists makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Looking at that top, what a beast! No idea how I would have dealt with this, it's not something I've really done before, the whole minimalistic instruction thing. I'm more of a... watch one thousand youtube videos kind of gal.

Do ya reckon Matt looks a little tired in this picture? My leaving the Bee may have instigated rather a late night... I feel for ya Matt! 

Love the Bromance! Also I love that they are all wearing the same colour top on a fluke... I reckon they were sad I was gone so subconsciously went for a sea of turquoise.. what?! that's totally a thing

I was amazed at the dresses the guys made, avant garde dress is a difficult brief and they all produced something stunning. I'd love to have an excuse to make something so dramatic, but it's difficult to make something like that for work you know? I did however make myself a pinterest board if you're interested in the direction I was going, which appears to be ALL the directions!

This was my speedy entrance to the Final, you can't tell, but in order to get this shot I had to stand on a box, girl be short! ha ha

Matt won!! I mean his dress was fricking awesome, right? And he's such a wonderful person, it would have been great if anyone won but MATT WON! Wooooooo!


  1. So made up for Matt, obviously it would have been amazing if you had been in the final and had won, but Matt winning was like the next best thing. And well done to all of you, you are all such talented lovely people and its been a joy to watch you all each and every week :)

  2. Debs that's a lovely roundup thank you. It was such fun having the bee's back in the room for the announcement too. But you're right the best thing of the whole series was our willingness to help others. I only wish I knew how to fix zips!!!

  3. It was really nice to see that you all helped each other all the way to the finale. We did the same thing on the Norwegian version. But I'm also thinking that's part of the spirit of the show. And it's part of why I like the concept so much.

    I would have liked to see what you would have made in the finale. I bet it would have been great.

  4. I never thought about the turqouise-ness! They all did a fantastic job, having looked at your Pinterest board it would've been cool to see what you made for the final if you'd got there! Matt did a great job, and it's so nice they were all helping each other, I would've been in a boggle with that Japanese top too! x

  5. Absolutely loved this season, I think the show just keeps getting better & better. Hard to think where they might go with picking fabrics and patterns for next year though! It was lovely seeing everyone working and keeping each other going. Well done :)



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