Tuesday 21 April 2015

Spring Washi - The sunshine is here the sunshine is here!

How are we all this fine day? I was working from home yesterday as unfortunately I'm now suffering from a thing called PGP (I think it's this... I'm still waiting on a doctors appointment) which if you're interested is something that happens to pregnant ladies. If you would like more info, click on the link. Basically it means that the more I walk the more pain I am in, so I've had to not move from a chair for the past couple of days.

As I'm sure you can imagine, this is horrendous when you're like me and love to sew, and see people and pretty much do anything other than sit on your bum (not that I don't love a bit of loafing but everything in moderation right?) So inevitably my brain is on overdrive over the things I could be doing.

Luckily I have a wonderful husband! The ivy from the great Spring Clearing of 2013 had started to grow back, you can read all about the first time I pulled it all down here.

It lasted a single year before the ivy started to grow back, and by this point it had grown completely all over the walls and fences again (though thankfully not quite to the extent that it did the last time). What I didn't realise the first time is that I am crazy allergic to this type of ivy. If it touches my skin I come out in a rash, and the rash spread all over my arms and up my legs. It was a really intense rash to be honest, pretty gross.

So! This time round my wonderful husband did it for me :-D I bought him a pair of shears to help speed the process along, but turns out all he needed was one judo chop!

Judooooo Chop! I am mightily impressed, we've managed to get most of the ivy in the green bin, and I think most of the plants survived the light trampling. Can't wait to get out there again, and start to see the flowers blooming. 

So! In honour of all things spring like, I have sewing to show you: The Spring Washi

I made this in January, when I really needed to feel like Spring was coming, and I wouldn't be cold forever. When I first cut the bodice I stupidly assumed that the fold in the middle of the fabric would be... in the middle of the fabric ha ha. So the very specific design was slightly off centre. I only had so much of this lovely fabric but I managed to piece back together the centre bodice from off cuts. hence the lovely satin piping at the under-bust. It is there to distract from the fact that the bodice and the skirt don't actually pattern match (sshhhh)

I got this beautiful fabric from Matt and Neela, when they came to stay with me last year, along with the rest of the gang. Wow! Was that last year? We need to do that again guys! so props to them for their awesome choice in fabric. 

I didn't have any pictures of the back without that big fold in the fabric. I promise it's not always there, just my booty getting in the way ha ha. 

The sleeves are drafted from the Cami sleeves that I made in the great shirt make-over. But I will save that adaptation for my next instalment of 'adaptation and alteration'.

On Saturday I did a demonstration at Abakhan (from my chair). It was really fun to meet and greet people, have a good natter about the show and what they were sewing. My favourite thing is helping people with new techniques, and I showed them all sorts throughout the day such as hong kong seams and invisible zips. Everyone loves an invisible zip! If I had just demonstrated those all day then I think everyone would have been happy. Have a good week guys, I've got my fingers crossed for slightly more walking about.

This week:

You can find my shiny new column in Sew magazine, learn all about my wedding dress and what I've been up to since the Sewing Bee


  1. Lovely bright colours for Spring! It makes such a difference, doesn't it? Poor you - I had SPD with my first little one, and it's not comfortable at all. Sitting on one of those gym balls can help a bit, but you have my utmost sympathies. Hope it eases for you!

  2. Thanks so much, it was a tough week, but I think I'm getting a handle on it now.

  3. The dress looks amazing, I saw your feature in Sew!.. That's how I found your blog! You're awesome!

  4. Oooh that's a GORGEOUS spring dress! Fab fabric. The blue piping looks perfect, surely a design choice, not a cover up?! Hope you're feeling better soon and able to be up & about in the sun.

  5. If it is SPD then follow drs advice and rest, don't paint the skirting boards as I did and make hubby do as much as possible. I suffered badly, ended up on crutches because I didn't slow down. It was onky when I was put on bedrest for something else the pain stopped! I hope the pain reduces for you! Loving the washi!

  6. awesome washi. love the piping! I have several bolts of fabric screaming to be washi'd but I ain't got the time right now :0

  7. I am over here because I saw you in Sew magazine! I had PGP with only one of mine; and not too badly, but that was bad enough! Look after yourself. I love the top; the colours are really beautiful together.

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy! Half way already and barely showing (I was the same :)). I also had PGP, I had actually forgotten about it, til you reminded me of it. Mom brain I guess..but yes, it was extremely unpleasant, I felt like my bones were rubbing each other X_X, but it didn't last the entire pregnancy for me, so hopefully from here on things will be improving for you too!

  9. A lady whose blog I read, Sarah Rooftops, is having her baby sometime around now and has suffered from a lot of hip pain during her pregnancy - she writes about it so interestingly and I imagine it might be good/reassuring for you to read about someone else's experience with it.
    Best wishes :)



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