Friday 4 December 2015

Quick get your craft on!

I am incredibly honoured to let you know that I have been chosen to judge the 12 Jumpers of Christmas competition.  This is a wonderful initiative to try and get people to craft their own christmas jumper, rather than going out to the stores and buying a new one every year.

The Facts:

According to new estimates from Love Your Clothes, UK consumers are likely to spend in excess of £300 million on Christmas jumpers this year. New research from the consumer campaign has revealed that over ten million people are likely to buy a Christmas jumper and 40% of Christmas jumper wearers plan on wearing them just once or twice this festive season. Love Your Clothes is launching a 12 Jumpers of Christmas competition to inspire people to upcycle a pre-loved jumper as an alternative to buying a new one.

So this Christmas jumper day, why not craft your own, and update a pre-loved jumper? Find something in a charity shop, or the back of the drawers and get crazy with the tinsel! This weekend is your last chance, as the deadline closes on Monday, but the weather is supposed to be shocking so get the christmas tunes on, grab a mulled wine and get crafting! 

The Rules:

To enter, people just need to either decorate a jumper or cardigan they already have, or a pre-loved one (e.g. from a charity shop), so it can be worn instead of purchasing a new Christmas jumper. It can be for adults or children and should feature a creative Christmas theme. It also needs to be washable and designed so the decorations can be easily removed after it has been worn so it can continue to be used after Christmas.  The designs will be judged by the Love Your Clothes team based on creativity, what inspired the design, how the design was made and what materials were used (extra points are available for incorporating re-used materials).

Competition entrants should submit a good quality colour photograph (at least 72 dpi resolution) of their jumper plus a description of what inspired the design, how the design was made and what materials were used by e-mail to: with the subject ‘12 Jumpers of Christmas Competition’ in the e-mail title by 10 am on Monday 7th December.

1 comment:

  1. Hi :-) just loved the yellow cardigan you had in the sewing Bee- contest, first episode! can i ask which pattern you used, if it is handknitted? Really appreciate it! Love your style!



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