Thursday 21 February 2013

Jellyfish, moving and a January lull

Apologies (again) for the delay in my post. I've been useless, attempting to get into the swing of things, and not really delving into anything. I think it's down to be a bit of wedding dress fever. As some of you know I'm getting married in November, and I'm going to (try to) make my wedding dress. I have plans, ideas, designs, colour choices et. al all floating around in my mind, but there's nothing I can do yet as I'm waiting for an important piece of the puzzle (can't give too much away). So I feel kind of guilty thinking about any other sewing projects, though I know there's nothing to be done I don't feel I 'should' do anything else!

However, I have joined in the Mathilde giveaway, as I have dreams of a black and large white spot New Look 6128 (I know, I'm obsessed, I also have plans (and fabric) for a black and red tartan one), paired with a black Mathilde blouse with white trimmings.

I got the Gertie book for Christmas, so I'm using my indecisive period to learn about special vintage techniques for my wedding dress, if a job's worth doing and all that.

We've also just moved into a house! A whole house with rooms, and my very own sewing room, so exciting :-) I'm still putting it all together but I'll be sure to let you know how it looks once it's a little bit more sorted. I'm thinking of getting the Expedit desk for sewing on, but not sure about how stable it will be during sewing, anyone had one/ got one/ got some suggestions?

These jellyfish were one of the first things to be put up when we moved in. They are the jellyfish crocheted in Kirsty's Handmade Home, the most recent series. What did everyone think of this series? Of course I love that there is a programme on about crafts, but I've usually found that I haven't ever really wanted to do anything on the programme before. Until now!

They were very easy to make, though you should be aware that in the instructions when it says 'thick' wool, it really means it, super chunky weight (like the light blue one) makes better spirals for the tentacles, and pushes the head into a proper dome, rather than laying flat. I'd love to see if anyone has also tried these jellyfish, and I'll show you some more of the house as we do it up!

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