Friday 4 January 2013

Knitting Christmas... whilst moving out!

Bam! and the dirt is gone. I thought I'd share a few pictures of our last weeks of Edinburgh. I finished my job about a week and a half before we moved and I spent the time knitting and cleaning the flat (hence the precarious balancing of a hoover on top of a ladder). 

Also in these pictures is the mustard yellow Tilly and the Buttons picnic skirt I've mentioned a couple of times, and wanted to talk to you about. This was another of those little jobs that needed doing, as I had to take three inches out of the back... taking 2 out when it was made and then another inch or so once I'd worn it a couple of times. I think the weight of the fabric must have stretched out the waistband, as it just seemed to keep growing! I wonder if I could have used a stronger interfacing to stop this happening... what do you think? It fits great now, and I love wearing it with my navy tights, and a navy top.

In the pics you can see my light and dark grey knitting project for my sister. A slouchy hat and mittens, which I decided to make a finger-cap for after I realised my sister is always chilly. I also added sequins to these. Ill have to get a pic of my sister wearing them for the blog... but until then you'll have to imagine their shiny glory! 

Did you do any knitting projects for Christmas pressies? I've seen alot of bloggers discussing giving these presents to people who you know will appreciate them, and I've got lots of Christmas pressie posts to do on what I made. Do you think everyone appreciates a home made gift, or should they be kept for those who appreciate it? Such as those who knit themselves? I'd love to know your opinion.

Progress is being made on exciting things which I hope to post about in the next month or so... watch this space! 


  1. Ooh I must have missed this first time around... cute skirt! It looks really nice in mustard yellow.

  2. Thanks very much Tilly, I'm wearing it to work today, and feeling very smart I must say!

  3. I really like your mustard skirt, it really suits you :D xxx



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