Sunday 9 June 2013

MMMay, Great Gatsby and a Pyjama Party!

I'm going to confess... I failed the Great Gatsby Challenge. I just didn't get inspired, I didn't have any really good fabric for it in my stash and in the end... I was lazy. Sorry ...!

Second confession... I didn't achieve everything I wanted to with Me Made May, I liked the outfits I wore, but I didn't get much sewing done at all and therefore once I'd worn those outfits I ran out of stuff to wear! I kept wearing my clothes but really it was pretty boring of me to put up more and more pics of me in a straight skirt and Mathilde (no matter how much I love them). So what did I learn? I need more me-made clothes! Plus, I need to adjust my New Look 6723, looking at amazing dress makers like Dolly Clackett, I'm just not happy with the fit, and so surprised myself by not wearing it at all through May. So, I've got the seam rippers out and I'm starting again. I'll let you know the results!

In order to try and redeem myself to the sewing gods I am immediately signing up for the Pyjama Party over at Did You Make That. This is a great challenge to try as I have already cut out some pyjamas! Though I did cut out one of the pieces the wrong way round.

All I need do is finish them before the deadline of the end of June. I can do this! ....Right? Never been good with deadlines, just the word sends a shiver down my spine. But I like that I'm trying to push myself to achieve things on time. That's got to be good for me.

And here's the reason I haven't been doing much sewing recently, I've been spending time outdoors! I can't help but play in the garden when it's this sunny, so difficult to stay indoors! Sorry, not sorry :-)

 Not sure how interested in this you guys are... but love my garden so here's another pic for good luck!

I've been working on lots of home things recently (and by working on I mostly mean going to IKEA) I've got an excellent dinosaur themed post planned. So happy with it, hope you like it!!

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