Sunday 8 June 2014

Victory Juniper Trousers

Hello! Wow that was quite a long blogging break I had, wasn't it? Apologies, life got a bit mental around these parts, and other things had to take priority.

But I'm back in business, and the first thing I have to show you is my first pair of trousers! Those of you who know me can confirm, I haven't worn trousers since my first year of university (a surprisingly long time ago now). After eating too much dominoes and ben & jerrys ice cream, I put on some weight and the trousers I had looked like they were going to pop. Sure I could have bought new trousers, but this was the year the skinny jean arrived, and I've basically stayed away from trousers ever since. I don't suit skinny jeans, this may not come as a shock, but I feel like shops haven't worked out that they don't suit everyone so I'm putting it out there on the internet so maybe they'll notice... skinny jeans suit 1% of the countries females..!

So anyway, rant over. Ive decided to challenge myself more! How will I know if I can achieve a fly zip/ rain coat/ hot air balloon unless I try? So this is challenge number one, a pair of Colette Juniper's with a fly front zipper.

Look how grumpy I look! Ha ha, must have had the sun in my eyes, but this was a good picture of the trousers so whatever.

They're so gloriously wide! Like a pair of quiksilver jeans I had as a teenager. I brought them in at the knee a little to give an indication that there really are legs under there. But otherwise I stuck to the pattern, which I found pretty straight forward. I know that some in the blogosphere have had problems with Colette patterns but I seem to be of the size/ shape they are making the patterns for so these trousers fit really well. 

I am also wearing a Colette Sorbetto. I inverted the pleat on this and then let it kick out at the bottom, very comfy weekend wear all round.

I made these for sew for victory, hence the dig for victory theme of the shoot! The top has little spitfires on it, I got it from a swap at last years Birmingham meet up, which the lovely almond rock donated. See what she made with this material here. I did make these in time of the deadline! So proud...but didn't post in time. Ah well, deadlines were never my strong suit. 

Hope you've enjoyed some of the sunshine, (in between the massive downpours).

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