Sunday 22 June 2014

Dino Kelly

Dinosaur fabric! Skirts! Hoorah! This is my first rendition of the Kelly skirt, and it definitely won't be my last. I took a lot of time over this skirt, and added in a couple of extra details to make it more faancy.

The waistband has stretched out a little unfortunately (it's a light blue/ grey teeny cord). I think I might add a little elastic, to the back of the skirt. The main fabric of the skirt is unpholstery/ canvas Cath Kidston fabric. It was pretty thick, and it makes the skirt a-line stick out really well. I did flat-felled seams on the sides, to make the seams lie flat.

I made piping for the pocket, and covered my own buttons. I love this fabric, the colours are amazing! 

And it has super deep pockets!

Not much more to saw about this skirt pattern, the instructions are easy to follow, and I'll definitely be making more


  1. Dinos! I love it :)

  2. Faaancy! It looks lovely, I'm a fan of a big pocket too! :) x

  3. Raaaargh! Love the dinosaurs and the deep pockets. Sure to become a staple

  4. How you can have cute Dinosaurs i'm not sure but these guys certainly are! - love the extra detailing, it really makes the difference from an ordinary nice skirt to a super, dooper wearer. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I love all the little extras in this skirt, it was nice to get piping again, haven't done it since I made bags!



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