Sunday 5 October 2014

Comfy Coco

I think I have to admit that in the case of this dress, I probably made a bad choice.

I loved what everyone was saying about the Coco, that it was crazy comfortable and felt pulled together, so I'll admit to being convinced into it by all the gorgeous versions that were appearing.

However, I never wear jersey because it always feels too clingy, so I was undecided about making it. I do have a jumper though which is a similar shape that I love, so I thought that maybe with a bit of drafting I might love it. Plus I hadn't worked with stretch before so thought that it would go well with my new challenge myself plan! I had some denim look stretch that I used as a muslin, and recreated the jumper. To do this I first traced the coco in the packet measurements, then laid the jumper over the top, tracing the areas where it differed from the pattern. The main difference was the accentuated A line of the bottom of the top.

I really liked this top, and decided for my proper make I would try and adapt it to a dress. Having never owned a jersey dress, and knowing I liked the top, what could go wrong right? Something that I learned though once this was made. I don't just not wear jersey because it clings, I also don't feel 'done up' enough. I've gotten so used to wearing cotton/ woven fabrics that this feels way too casual.

Cat - bombed

So I thought id show you how I do wear this... with my pyjamas (leggings now it's colder) usually a hairband cos I haven't bothered washing my hair. This is officially now my day pyjamas. It serves its purpose well, and I did learn a lot about jersey sewing in the making. So a definite 50-50 make. 

I have since made a jumper from the top pattern, and love it! Just, the dress is not for me... until I need another pyjama dress anyway. Ya live and ya learn


  1. I've only made a T-shirt version so far and I have deliberately bought some quite thick non-drapey ponte for the dress version. Hopefully it'll feel a substantial enough garment for wearing out rather than an oversized T-shirt.

  2. I know a lot of people have said that it feels quite dressy Dichohecho, I'm sure yours will be grand, it's a lovely pattern. I did spend most of my weekend in my day pjs Oranges and Apples, it was bliss ha ha.

  3. I think you have done a good job sewing it - but I think maybe the problem is A) it's too wishy washy a colour on you and B) it's a weeny bit too short to be as flattering as your other dresses and skirts.

  4. Thanks for your ideas Kandy, I think you might be right there. I definitely thought the pattern on the fabric would be bigger (one of the issues with buying online). And the length is shorter than my usual, I'm not sure I can convince myself to give it another go just yet though.



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