Saturday 18 October 2014

The Epic Coat Challenge

Hello all, unfortunately the photos in this blog post are a little rubbish, due to the temporary loss of my camera charger over a couple of days. I couldn't find anything to take a picture with in the house (in this day and age!) so used an ipad. I am baffled more than ever now by those tourists carrying them round to take pics with.... cameras are smaller, less cumbersome and the pictures are better. Come on guys, join me in the nineties! I've previously really enjoyed looking at people's RTW (ready to wear) clothes from the inside, and as I was planning on taking this much loved coat apart anyway....

Ta dah! The insides of my coat. As you can see the front two panels are interfaced, and there are shoulder pads made of two layers of felt (one smaller than the other), the raw edges aren't finished on the inside, but all of this was enclosed in the lining. On the arm scye, there is some paper interfacing as a seam binding.

This was not the only nod to tailoring in this coat:

Catch- stitching on the inside, this looks like it's somehow done by machine, perhaps in the same way as an invisible hem?

Once I took these pics, I proceeded to take apart one full side of the coat, taking it back to its individual pieces. I traced these off on to tracing paper to create a full pattern for the coat, adding in 'fold here', 'cut two' etc. where applicable. Now I have a coat pattern I know will fit, no muslin necessary! I have made a good start on my brand new coat, as those who follow my instagram will know. I mean, its not a winter coat so when it's done it will go in the cupboard ready for spring, but in season sewing is so last season! 

I also have big plans for what's left of the original coat. I have already dyed the pieces, getting rid of most of the wear, though the lighter places stayed lighter... they're just a darker less grubby colour which is way better. Watch this space and have a great weekend. 

Also,  reached my 100th comment this week! Thanks to everyone who has shared a thought on my page, it means so much and I get very excited any time someone posts a comment, so please feel free always to get something off your chest, ask a question, or even posit a theory on the extinction of the dinosaurs. It is always welcome.


  1. Congrats on your 100th comment! I don't always comment but I'm always reading :) It'll be interesting to follow the progress of your coat as I've got a old favourite that might be getting a bit tatty now and I've wondered about taking it apart and making a pattern from it!

  2. Thanks very much Janey, the jacket is coming along nicely, though there was a slight delay while I waited for some waterproof tape and lining materials. I'm not great at buying everything at the beginning of a make, I like to see how I feel once I get to a stage, especially with a project like this one.

  3. This coat is brilliant - I don't blame you for wanting to make another and taking part the original is definitely a good idea.

    I hope you don't mind, but I nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award - feel free to take part or ignore at your own free will!

  4. Thanks Rachel! And thanks for the Blogger award, I'm going to post about it. In fact, Ive been terrible at pictures recently so its a good way to get a nice blog post out and about



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