Friday 20 February 2015

Great British Sewing Bee Ep 3: Flibberty Gibbets

Last night was my favourite episode so far, I know I didn't exactly shine in the first two challenges... :-S but honestly, I found the whole experience of the Bee so flipping fun it didn't bother me in the slightest ha ha.

I loved working with the old fashioned machine, though the button on the pedal is teeny tiny! I wish I could have taken off my shoes as I felt I was always slipping off the button which slowed me down. What I found odd was that it refused to go through the layers of binding + dense cotton. Now I've heard lots of claims that these machines will sew through anything, so I reckon in hindsight I had the wrong kind of needle for the types of material.

The machine would just stop occasionally, which as you can imagine would not have helped me achieve eating those tiny sandwiches in my new dress for lunchtime. All props to any woman who managed to make this dress well and go out for a mid-day cocktail, probably whilst doing the washing, baking a cake, and with a baby on one hip.

'Hey Ryan, How ya doin?' 
'Just poppin some buttons on,' 
'Just poppin some buttons on! Good, excellent' *Cries inside*

I love the walk-away dress, and I'm so glad there is now a version for real bodies available in the new Great British Sewing Bee book. I've heard some terrible tales of fitting this dress, but I know that CL will have pulled a blinder with the drafting. I cant wait to get my hands on the book! There are some challenges I cant wait to have another go at, I promise I'll let you know how I fair with a little bit more time on my hands. Though I'm tempted to challenge myself to try and complete in the time... is that madness? Yes, Debbie, yes it is madness.

Who else wants to see Barbara, Pat and Jean do a Sewing Bee Challenge? They would wipe the floor with the lot of us I'm pretty sure. The collective sewing knowledge in that room is enough to make your eyes bleed with jealousy.

Also, I want to live in Lorna's house, why are all her house plants alive?! Why don't they all look brown, broken and murdered like mine? I mean look at that lampshade for heavens sake, how does one manage to have a glamorous lampshade? By being Lorna that's how, I'm going to steal into Lorna's suitcase so she can take me cruising, her life is the best.

On a final note.... Oh! Flibberty Gibbets!


  1. I lovvvvved this episode! Definitely my favorite by far, I've got an old singer myself (My mum bought it for me for my 20th haha!) but I've not had the balls to use it yet haha! When I finish my degree in May I'm definitely going to give it a go :} x

  2. They do look kind of intimidating don't they? But we worked out how to thread them by ourselves so I reckon you'll be fine! I couldn't wait to finish my degree so I could be creative again. Fourteen hour days are not conducive to a lot of sewing time

  3. I really enjoyed this episode too. The walk away dresses were fab! I learned to sew on an old singer - but one that I had to turn the wheel by hand (it didn't have a treadle) so I used to have to feed the fabric thru one handed! Mine does go thru everything too... Good luck with next week :)

  4. Hi Deborah! Just found your blog through googling GBSB, I'm rooting for you (although you will know the results already which makes this seem a bit odd...). What pattern did you use for the green blouse that you made? I thought it was absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I can't believe they made you figure out those old Singers on your own! I learned to sew on one of the hand-turned ones as well, and I remember having to ask my mum how to wind the bobbin pretty much EVERY garment I made. Well done you. And as for the chiffon... I'm bowing in awe...

  6. The Sewing Bee is my comfort TV, even though the activities therein are largely alien to me! I've enjoyed every series so far and just have to say you really brighten up this current run. You're by far my favourite contestant. Good luck and best wishes

  7. Thanks so much to all of you! I'm overwhelmed by how nice everyone has been

  8. You did great girl! Also really pleased to hear about the 'real bodies' version in the new book x

  9. Ah! Wish I'd waited for the book, I've tried making the walk away dress without looking at the measurements and just making it in my normal size and surprise surprise, it's about two sizes too small. Booo! I've added extra panels to the back and front but the front looks awful with added bits on it. A lesson learnt harshly.

    Really enjoying watching you on the show though, and I love your sense of style! Especially your map dress - I'm partial to a big bold fabric made into a dress too :)

  10. Oh ich hab gestern die Folge gesehen... es ist so schade, ich war ein echter Fan von Deinem lockeren Style. Sorry!
    Kopf hoch und liebe Grüße aus Berlin von Jacky

  11. Translation: Oh I yesterday have seen the episode ... it 's such a shame , I was a real fan of your casual style . Sorry !
    Head up and greetings from Berlin by Jacky

  12. I absolutely love that lampshade! have been trying to find out what the pattern is - looks very William Morris or liberty but can't find it. Do you know?

    1. I'm not sure, but Lorna will be back soon (she has been holidaying), so I shall see if I can find out!

  13. Hi Deborah! This is going to sound odd but ever since the first episode that you wore your map top I've loved it and I'm now trying to find a pattern like it for my next project, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Loved you on the Bee also, I screamed at the tv when you left!
    Kat :)

  14. I managed to catch this episode 3 with the walkaway dress on Youtube and I was excited when everyone walked into the room and had featherweights to sew on. I was on the edge of my chair when everyone sat down to poke around at the machines, and I was a bit shocked to see the problems everyone was having with them, but I guess they aren't everyone's cup-o-tea... Especially when you're used to sewing on a modern one. I went out to try and find tips and tricks to help me sew a walkaway dress I have plans to make soon and stumbled on this post. I did laugh with the "Just poppin some buttons on." banter during the episode. I wish the bbc would let us watch the great british sewing bee in the usa....



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