Friday 13 February 2015

Episode Two: Peacock-off, Waiscoat-gate and trip to the Copacabana

Well, another fantastic episode of GBSB! Kids week was hilarious, not only the mad panic of the waistcoat challenge, but also the madness that is having nine hyper-active adults paired with 9 hyper-active kids... and fancy dress put in the mix! Me and Neela had a blast trying on her green wig:

Lets start with first things first though shall we? A tailored waistcoat?! For a child? Mr. T believes that all waistcoats should be banned on kids as they make them look like tiny snooker players. Then again if your child is a tiny snooker player then maybe this challenge was for you? This was a bit of a nightmare for me, I was flummoxed by the pages and pages of instructions, and being up against the clock (and yes... being distracted by chatting) made it even more difficult. But I got there in the end, though perhaps not quite to the desired standard.

This is my terrified face. It says, why would you bother putting a welt pocket in a waistcoat? Do you have a tiny pocket watch to keep safe?!

One button is better than three though right? I mean, gives a bit more room for party rings at lunchtime. I'm not really into kids clothes, but I did very much enjoy making my tiny bolero, and looking at everyone's amazing seemingly Copacabana themed re-fashions. Must have been all that yellow, made everyone think of holidays on the beach.

The third challenge was my favourite of the lot, it was a brilliant day, and I was a proud member of #teampeacock.  How we all came up with making birds completely separately to each other I have no idea! I didn't look too happy about it though did I?

You're making WHAT Matt?! Ha ha ha... reminds me of a certain squirrel...

I was so sorry to see Alex go, we motivated each other through the waistcoat challenge, I think we both felt like throwing in the towel once or twice. I'm so glad that the show portrayed her as she truly is, a fastidious sewer who believes in perfection in all things. What you didn't get much of a chance to see were her strong beliefs in sustainability. She has taught me a lot through her knowledge, if you want to learn more, check out her awesome blog:  

And a final note.... Go Team Peacock!


  1. I loved your peacock costume. I think any kid would have a blast wearing something like that. The waistcoat challenge was crazy, but they seem to like to throw down the gauntlet with Week 2. I remember in Series 1, the pattern challenge for the first week was a simple A-line skirt. The next week? A pair of men's tailored trousers in 4.5 hours!

  2. I loved episode 2. It was very enjoyable to watch but I didn't envy you making that waistcoat. They kept mentioning it had 16 pieces - way more than necessary for a kid's waistcoat surely! They certainly didn't give you any breaks this season.

  3. Fabulous Peacockness! I did feel for you re the waistcoat challenge. I'm making a grown up one for Mr O right now and it's taking an age. Mostly because I have no faith in the end result having used satin... and incorporating tiny welts! Hats off to you for coping with the pressure in there. I had an insight as to how stressful it is!! Best of luck :-)

  4. Thanks so much to all of you. Just watched for a second time and loved seeing all those little details I missed the first time round. It was a hilarious episode, can't wait for next week now. Though it's going far too quickly!! Thanks again :-)

  5. Hi Deborah, l loved the blue patterned dress you wore for episode 2. What pattern did you use?

  6. Hello Tanya, I have a terrible confession. I bought this dress! I bought it before I started making my own clothes regularly and I love it. I hope you can forgive me ;-)



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