Wednesday 26 September 2012

Not a pillow... not a cushion... but definitely embroidered

This is quite a picture heavy post, which I suppose is better than a word heavy post, so I'll try and keep the words to a minimum. You can see previous incarnations of this project here and here, and in this one I'm going to show you how I finished off the project once the embroidery was complete (another project finished, hoorah!).

To finish the embroidery I learnt a new stitch, fly stitch which I used to finish the lilac lavender/ reeds (?). I used these instructions, and it seemed very similar to detached chain.

The rest  of the embroidery was finished using a combination of detached chain, lazy daisy, french knots and backstitch. If you'd like a more in depth list of how to do this pattern, (and perhaps a scan of the pattern itself) please let me know and I will do a more developed post.

To finish the cushion, I started by trimming off all the edges with my new toy rotary cutter. I then pressed in the sides, giving 3/4" of border around the outside, pressing the bottom edge first, and matching the top layer to this.

To press in the corner, fold in the corner of the edge down to your pressed crease on the inside. Press the original crease again, with the triangle on the inside. Like this:

I then sewed in the pom pom edging I posted about here, between the two layers using my zipper foot:
Once I had a basic layer for decoration, I got out all the bits and pieces of trim from my stash that went well with the pompom trim/ embroidery. I laid these onto the cushion to give me a starting point.
I then attached all trims which would be treated as one. Such as:

 In order to make the plait as above, I stitched the three ribbons together with the machine, leaving the needle in. I then plaited from this point, stitching the other end together when complete.
 I then stitched the layers on in stages, one ribbon at a time, beginning with the layers on the bottom, and finishing with those on top (as you'd imagine). This was quite complicated, as I tried very hard to only stitch through one layer of fabric. This meant that I had to resort to hand stitching for some elements.

This is the finished project, what do you think? Should have taken the pics in daylight really, apparentl 7.30am doesn't constitute daylight anymore.




  1. This is so amazingly beautiful!!

  2. Thanks very much! The pictures came out well :)



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