Thursday 20 September 2012

September success

The September weekend was a success! I finished a whole skirt, very proud of myself for actually finishing a project. And I'm itching to share it with you, but unfortunately Mr T took the final pictures with his camera, so I’ll have to wait until he has a second to put them on the laptop.

In the meantime here’s a sneaky peek. This picture makes it look like I play guitar... in fact I'm far too lazy for all that learning... I took the guitar off Mr T so he could take the picture, obviously wasn't paying enough attention to put it down again.

I also attached the embroidery below (which I finished ages ago) onto a canvas. The little art shop in Stockbridge is having a sale on canvas, and it occurred to me that this was the perfect forum for my embroideries. These usually hang around folded up in a ‘to be completed’ pile because I can never decide what to make them into when they’re done. But I’m really happy with how this came out, and think I’ll do it again with any new embroideries.  

It’s easy to do, I used metal drawing pins, pulling the fabric tight over the canvas and hammering it in at the centre of all four sides. I folded the excess fabric at the corners over, and hammered that in place. Then I added in pins wherever it looked like the fabric was loose. Ill try and take pictures the next time I do it. I was sorely tempted to buy a heavy duty stapler for the occasion (something I’ve wanted for ages) but resisted temptation (for once), sticking with the drawing pins I already had in the cupboard.

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