Sunday 2 September 2012

Picnic blanket skirt

Over the summer I made the tilly and the buttons picnic blanket skirt.

I first made it in a mustard yellow wool mix but the fabric was a little heavy, making the gathering a nightmare and the skirt look a bit big. I'll still wear it but wanted to give the pattern another shot in a lighter fabric. So I decided to make it from a lightweight john lewis cotton, lined with anti-static (because I wear tights so often).

It was a great success and I haven't stopped wearing it since it was finished! As you can see from the pic, I didn't have anything that went with it, but that was just a good excuse to go shopping.

I would really recommend this pattern for those people who are fairly new to sewing but understand the basics, and are looking for the next step up. The instructions are well illustrated and easy to understand and there are no pattern pieces to contend with. Let me know if you give this pattern a go!

You can find the pattern here:



  1. So cute! It works really well in that fabric. Good work.

  2. Thanks very much! So great to have you comment on my blog, I read yours all the time :-) It inspired me to start mine back up again.




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