Sunday 13 July 2014

Zig Zag Cami Dress

Next stop on the list of challenges, a shirt dress! I love wearing shirt dresses, I wear them all the time and so I thought I'd give a collar a go. Plus I promised Mr T a shirt (i must be mad) so I thought I could make myself a collar on a dress without anyone scrutinising, bit of a practise.

I used the Pauline Alice Cami shirt dress. I found the pattern pretty easy to use, but I think the fit needs a little bit of work. Look at the pattern matching across the front.. what? Feeling like a winner. Also I dyed my hair again, bit of a last minute decision, went to boots and figured I needed a change. I did the double dye by tying the bottom of the hair in pig tails and dyed up to where the pony tail started. It's not the most even dye but I like it.

So yeah, the fit. I think it may be time for a full bust adjustment... dun dun duuuh. This dress stretches across the front, and there's some gaping at the side of the bust. So yeah, next time I'll give an FBA a go.

Other issues are around the shoulder/ arm area. There is a little bit of bunching at the top of the shoulder. This is only my second time setting in a sleeve though so I think I just need a little practise. However, the shoulder line should be on the edge of the shoulder and is actually a little high, so I think the pattern needs extending out a cm or so.. plus even though I measured my arm against the pattern piece it is a little tight on the arm.

So a few changes to be made to the pattern but otherwise pretty happy.

Here's the back! I put loads of pleats into the top, I like the look of these smaller pleats, and I used the whole width of the fabric for as much extra skirt as possible. Plus pockets of course, I like the inseam pockets on the pattern, they are just the right size, and have used them again in my most recent make.

The collar went really well (even if I do say so myself), though I found the instructions on the pattern a bit difficult to follow as a first timer. I went to the website and looked at the sewalong for some guidance but again... didn't really get it. I therefore looked at the archer sewalong for a bit of help (figured two -alongs are better than one) and it was so much easier to follow. I'd definitely recommend it. 

So I love this dress! I love the fabric, and the brightness and the fact that if you get too close to it you get a headache ha ha. If you're making your own clothes, whats to stop you making something you really love, especially if it's super bright. Therefore I submit this as my Oonapalooza make for July. Read more about Oonapalooza and the wonderful woman who inspired it here.

And in her honour, here's a gif of me dancing around... with much more of an attempt at modelly face, in honour of Oona.

Dancing photo d_dancing_zpsf88411f8.gif


  1. The dancing gif is the cutest thing ever! I love the dress, it really suits you :) x

  2. Loving your Blog - I think it will inspire me to get writing up the stuff I have done.
    Great pics too, Mr T has made you a star !!



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