Friday 25 July 2014

Sister feathers dress

As part of my continuing challenge myself to do things plan I've been making clothes for other people. I want to learn all the neat tricks for fitting, as well as getting myself out of my comfort zone of clothes for me. I have specific tastes in clothes, and though that's awesome for me it means I don't get much opportunity to make things that are a bit different. 

My sister has a whole set of completely different clothes/ comfort zone. Check out her pinterest board to see some of her style. So for her birthday I decided that I wanted to make her something special. 

You may have seen this fabric on Charity Shop Chic recently. I also picked this up at the Minerva meet-up recently, which was a fantastic day. I love seeing how people use and interpret fabrics in completely different ways, do you know of anyone else whose used this glorious fabric? Here I have used the fabric in a single layer for a floaty soft garment. The pattern is from Lekala, a rather unusual russian website where you input the measurements and they send you a bespoke dress pattern to print off. I wouldn't use it all the time, but they had a dress that I liked (sans collar) so gave it a go. The instructions were pretty hilarious, basically 1. attach sleeve 2. sew together ha ha.

I won't lie it was a bit of a bugger to sew. I mean sure it slips and slides around a lot which is the usual for this sort of fabric. But unfortunately the print is almost a sort of coating, so when I used my usual thin needle, it was catching threads and pulling. With it being such a dark colour when it pulled it was really obvious with a big white line. Therefore I swapped for a thin stretch needle. Because of the ballpoint, instead of piercing the fabric it slips to the side of the threads thus limiting the number of pulls.

No pattern matching here I'm afraid. Hopefully it will fit and my sis will treat us to a pic of it in all its glory. So nerve wracking sending something off and hoping for the best. Hope you like it sis! 

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  1. I like how you've finished it with the pom pom trim!



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