Saturday 17 January 2015

January Blues

I always assume that January will be a quiet month, one where no one will want to go out because no one has any money. I'm always wrong, ha ha. I've been out for dinner, am planning a trip down to London mid-month, three leavings dos, and I couldn't make it to a murder mystery evening due to the number of invitations bandying about! So naturally I have been grumbling about my fabulous social life instead of just getting on with it. Sometimes I pine for the days where my one social outing a week was the craft club in Edinburgh, and then I remember that no social life is no fun at all and I get on with it. How has everyone else's week been? Do you moan about having 'too much' to do?

I've been wearing my comfiest clothes in this super cold weather, trying to stay warm and not moving much from the brand new sofa where I can. This outfit is a comfy weekend/ evening favourite, another 2014 make, I'm catching up promise! The top is based on the Coco pattern. You may remember I attempted a dress from this, and though the comfiest dress ever, I didn't feel pulled together enough for day to day wear. However, I did see potential in the pattern.

I wanted a pattern to match my favourite jumper (the black and white one in this post), so laid the coco pattern over the jumper, with a roll of pattern paper underneath. I then matched up the under arm seam, and neckline. Areas where my RTW jumper extended past the pattern, I drew onto the paper underneath. 

I then took the jumper away and matched up the Coco pattern with the new lines. I followed the Coco pattern instructions to complete, and got the following jumper! 

The material is a mystery knit from a basket at Abakhan, with a lovely stripe of gold for a bit of glam. I've still got loads left, maybe I'll attempt a cardigan too? The skirt is an unblogged New Look 6128, very straightforward, navy cord skirt, nae fuss. this is a workhorse outfit. I've been trying to work at filling gaps in my wardrobe, and this certainly ticks all the boxes on that. 


  1. Good find on the fabric, looks great as a modified Coco!

  2. It's nice to see a casual outfit that is still colorful and fun! Having too many plans can lead to grumbling but it's definitely wayyyyyy better than too few or no plans at all.

  3. Thanks Lou! And you're so right makingtheflame, I feel bad for moaning, but if I didn't moan to the internet, then who would I moan to? Ha ha

  4. Loving that colour!! And the mustard tights!!

  5. Thank you very much, I've taken to wearing all of the colour in order to lift the gloom!



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