Friday 2 January 2015

Hits and Misses 2014

Happy New Year guys! I hope your New Years was fantastic, and your holidays as Christmassy as you should wish. I was very lucky again this year and was thoroughly spoilt as usual. Plus there was karaoke-ing with my family (quickly becoming tradition), loads of food... plus I bought my own christmas food shop so we could indulge once we got back home, all in all it's been a really lovely time, and just the break I needed. Though I have had a cold for a while which is a bummer, hopefully it will get lost soon so I can get back to normal brain.

2014 was a fantastic year, first year of marriage, new job, friends, book clubs, party times, I have a lot to be thankful for. It was a great year for sewing too! I made 14 items in all, not counting some items yet to be blogged, I guess I'll add those to next years review. Here are my top 5!

Number one of course is my shiny new purple raincoat, I mean, I did make it completely out of season, but I'm so proud of it, and that means it will be ready to go for spring which is when I'll want it, instead of starting in Spring and not having it ready in time for the season. 

Most of these outfits appear to have a similar silhouette, capped sleeve, in at the waist, one with a straight skirt, but the rest with a more a-line/ floaty shape. I don't want to change this in the new year really, I want to continue to make things that will reclaim the orphans in my wardrobe, and keep making things in exciting fabrics. One thing I haven't done more of is embroidery on clothes, but I haven't done that many plain items so there wasn't much opportunity for it. 

I could only think of two misses really, most of my makes have done really well this year, fitting well into my wardrobe. Planning has played a big role in my makes this year, I'll save that for another post though. Here are the misses:

I loved this Spotty Anna, I always felt great in it, but the fabric was cheap, and it didn't last long. It is now basically grey, and is destined for the charity pile. 

I made the trousers more for the challenge of a zip fly than anything else, so I can't be surprised really that I haven't worn them much this year. I'm still very proud of them of course, and they will stay in the cupboard with pride. 

2015 is going to be an amazing year, I can't wait, and I'll keep making adventurous cake to keep me going through the year. How was your year? Any resolutions for 2015?


  1. I just got given the washi dress. Not sure I'll get round to it pre-baby, but I love yours so will defo be making it at some point!

  2. Lady you have made some beefeater(thanks, Autocorrect ) er beautiful things. Bottom right hand dress in light blue is especially gorgeous :)

  3. Thanks so much! Beefeater is the best description for things. I think we can make it a thing



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