Thursday 8 January 2015

Back to Work... Back to Reality

Guys! Whose sad to be back at work? For some reason the holidays felt like they lasted for so long, so it was especially difficult to push myself off the sofa and back into the big world. Though in actuality the return wasn't half as hard as I thought it would be, shiny new job carried me through. Here's me looking swish in my working clothes, 'cause I'm a workin' ladayyy, though to be fair most days I have a very thick jumper on these days because the office is freezing.

I managed to put most of my clothes away over the Christmas break, this was my main goal, as well as ya know, eating my own body weight in cheese etc. Is that bad? The wardrobe was basically empty and every surface was covered in clothes. Sometimes I'm lazy, what can you do? Well, I suppose I could be less lazy but that's not happening any time soon so goals over the holidays will usually include getting back on track with the tidying.

This skirt is an A-line self drafted black jacquard work/ going out skirt. This is another attempt to de-orphan some of the clothes in my wardrobe, and have something a little smarter to wear in the office.

I have yet to perfect the high waist skirt waistband however, and this one again came out a little big. every skirt will get better and better though so by 2018 I'm sure I'll have a skirt that fits right off the bat. We also emptied our downstairs cupboard of all the charity/ tip stuff we've had in there for over a year (can you believe that?!). It's just so hard to get rid of stuff when you don't have a car. Which reminds me, I will definitely learn to drive this year, third time is the charm! Has to be, can't be doing with this goal not having been achieved yet after all this time. Ridiculous!

... And we bought a sofa! See? We weren't lazy at all, naysayers the lot of you. I'm so excited about sofa, it's the first time we've bought ourselves such a large piece of furniture, and the first time we've owned our own sofa having struggled with second handers, hand me downs, and 'furnished' house monstrosities since we both left home for uni. I'm excited about having a seat that doesn't slope, or hurt my back/ posterior. Good luck with the end of your week, if you're anything like me you're probably lagging a bit by this point. You can do it guys, so close to the weekend.

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  1. Happy new year!
    I hope you've been less horrifically tired than me in your first week back. I spend many evenings on our sofa (which is shabby and second hand but good quality), enjoy yours :D



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